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That is how one neighbor described the fact that there is now in Bend, Oregon a dude who is pregnant. My wife and mother-in-law are right now watching a DVR recording of some Oprah interview of the following “couple”:

  • A woman with a hysterectomy who thus can’t have a kid.
  • And her “husband” who is a “dude” that is really a woman who had a sex change, but kept “her” uterus and now is pregnant via a tube and some sperm bank I presume.

So… um. I’m sorry. I’m good with a lot of stuff. But this is ridiculous. I just overheard Oprah say we are “evolving to a new level of diversity and that in a hundred years, this won’t seem as strange as it does today.”

Ok, I’m a prude. I think this is stupid. I have no idea what I would say to this kid when she turns 15 and comes to my youth ministry and says, “My Dad gave birth to me, and I’m feeling confused.” This seems to be a level beyond, I have two moms or two dads, and I’d have to just smile and say, “I’m confused too.”

On a theological level, what do we do with the phrase, “God knit me together in my mother’s womb”. How do you explain that to this kid? Does genetics mean that God is not responsible for creating this life? This crap makes my head hurt.

And on a physiolgical level, the question the doctors are curious about is, “How is this “woman’s” testosterone level (something that she takes pills for so she can have a man’s voice and chest hair and stuff) going to affect the development of this child, since children are shaped under the influence of a mother’s estrogen environment.” My guess: the kid is going to come out with enough hair to pass as a chimp.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! That is strange…like kid’s don’t have enough problems these days.

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