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One of the things I returned home to was a stack of magazines I had not read along with a DVR full of 24 episodes I can’t seem to get to.

But anyway, in the Newsweek article from Jan 19 I read this article and it wrecked me.  I actually printed in and used it for our guys small group discussion last night… which I think was amazing and inspiring and challenging to think through as we read Scripture and compared it to what was recorded in this article.  But reading it hurt.  It saddened me.  The words on the page pained me.

I hurt for the local church.
I hurt for the global church.
I hurt as I read some of the comments on the online post and the implications this story has.
I hurt for Ted’s family and for Ted.
I hurt for whatever pain would seemingly justify a group of “believers” to tell an old friend to take his severance package and leave the state, never to return.
I hurt for unity and grace and truth and true community.
I hurt for those in hiding.
I hurt for those who keep people in hiding.
I hurt for a family who is trying to follow Jesus and feels like they must do it in hiding.
I hurt….

I’m positive this article is biased against the Christian church in general.  I’m also positive God’s grace is big enough even for this mess.  Grace is messy.  Grace is big.  Grace is soooo desperately needed in the mahem that is the wake of sin. 

O God help us. O God protect us.


  1. I read that article & the reaction I had at first isn’t the reaction I have now after pondering it for a bit. I feel for him & his fam. Sin is sin. We are all guilty of it & we all deserve to be loved & accepted. If only we could see each other the way God sees us. We talk a big talk about forgiveness but when we are actually challenged to do it…

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