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Not only did the cops catch me answering a 10 second phone call in my car, but the freaking thing is supposed to cost me $135!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! per the note from the court I got in the mail today.


I’m so FIGHTING THIS. This is ridiculous!

Here is the stupid legal record of what occurred. I copied this from my September phone bill:

  • Call #13: Friday. 9.5.2008 8:39 am. TJ calls me at the office. 2 minute call. He’s worried he’s not going to get to school on time. It’s his first time home alone. Mom and Dad are at work.
  • Call #14: Friday. 9.5.2008 8:41 am. I call his ride, can’t get a hold of her on her cell.
  • Call #15: Friday. 9.5.2008 8:42 am. I call TJ and tell him I’m on my way home to get him and take him to school. I get in my car and start to drive home.
  • Call #16: Friday. 9.5.2008 8:46am, TJ calls my cell phone to tell me that his ride just arrived and that I don’t need to come. I answered the phone assuming he was still panicked and at the exact time I pass a radar holding motorcycle cop who clocks me in at a whopping 55 in a 65 and gives me a ticket for holding my cell phone in my hand near my face as I passed him by.


I want to know what McCain and Obama think about this. I’m voting for whoever thinks this is the dumbest fine in the history of dumb fines. I could have been shaving or changing stations on my ipod instead and both woulda been legal.

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