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I’ve been teaching this gig around the country called YS One Day and has me flying around the country these days- which if you follow this blog is not news to you.  Anyway, it’s about teaching the Bible to students and is four sessions long. The last one talks about ways to change up the “normal approaches” we have to teaching the Bible to students.  One of them is called “RECAST” and it’s all about changing the medium in which the Bible passage is presented to students- so like putting the bible to music or art or whatever.

So, when I saw this rap of a southwest employee “recasting” the classic safety speach on a friends blog, it made me laugh and think of YS One Day too.  So incase this old news is new news to you, this is super funny.   My last trip to teach this seminar will be with southwest to Texas in April, so maybe I’ll get to hear it first hand 🙂

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