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Twice in the past week, I have have been quoted by former youth group attenders (like 5 years former). Once in an e-mail. Once on a blog. Both quoted the same phrase I use when talking to high school students about life decisions. I realize, sadly, that most… like 99% of what I say does not stick in the brains in my students for very long. Evidently however, this quote has:

“There are only two ways to learn things in life: the hard way or from someone who learned it the hard way.”

I wonder if it stays with them consciously when they hear it or is more like seed that only starts to push through in your 20’s when the trials of life start to water it again? Either way, it’s an honor to be planting seeds- hopefully of wisdom- in the next generation.


  1. I’m not sure why I remember that, or even when exactly that you said it – but it is burned into my brain, because it’s true. I used it in a message I gave this week at College Life.

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