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“That’s the big difference between us.  You westerners make love in public and pray in private.  We Muslims do exactly the reverse.”  
Hmmm.  You can read the entire Time magazine article here.  
When I was in Israel in 2000, I walked away very clearly with a picture that the Middle East is a religious society with political overtones.   But the Western World is a political society with religious overtones.   The Middle East is also very clearly a place where no one would ever say that “all religions are the same”.  That is a distinctly American idea. 
Reading this article resonated with that observation again.   I don’t think Muslims society is more Godly, but it certainly has it’s belief about God more central to it’s decisions.    I think one of the greatest cross-culture things a Christian can do today is to live a God centered life in a Western Culture.    It is absolutely upstream from the way our capitalist society operates.

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