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Yep, I’m a self professed pop culture idiot. If you ever end up on one of those “call a friend” game shows and you are in need of anything about music, movies, or famous people… don’t call me or you’ll lose.

Why?  Cuz the memory function in my brain is about 90% stupid and the remaining 10% that works right has zero space alotted to memorizing stuff that is cool but useless to me.

Want proof?

Sunday I’m teaching in high school and we are talking about pride so in our brain storming meeting a student suggests we use a clip from Anchor Man.  I’m told it’ll be hard to find a clip that is “clean enough” and I’ve never seen the movie, but they swear it’ll be funny and perfect so Sarah agrees to find the clip.

Sunday rolls around and I set up the clip per what I’ve been told- “this clip is the epitome of pride”- and no sooner do we press go, everyone starts laughing.

After the second service when this occured, I asked this question, “Hey, just out of curiosity, are you laughing cuz you have seen the movie or because you think Chevy Chase is funny.”

Answer:  a unanimous “that’s not chevy chase” came from the crowd.

Me: “Um, oh… yeah.  Who is it?”

Answer: a unanimous and simultaneous voice of about 100 kids says, “Will Ferrell”.

Me:  “Um,… yeah, I was just testing you.  They are like brothers anyway.”

yep… I’m an idiot.

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