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Jake from the bathroom: Mom, can you help me wipe my bottom?

Mom: NO.

Jake: But I got poop in my underwear.

Mom: Deal with it.

Jake: All by myself.

Mom: Yep.

Mom to Dad: You’re going to have to help him.

Dad to Mom: I already wiped his butt once today.

Mom to Dad: I wipe it way more than you do.

Mom to Jake: Um, how did you get poop in your underwear?

Jake: I had a really big toot (family word for fart) and it just came out too.

Dad to Mom: I hate it when that happens.

I was so excited to finally get the last kid past stroller age and out of diapers. Now, I can’t wait till the last one can wipe on his own.


  1. Anonymous says:

    This post should have been titled “Jake Sharted”!

  2. I laughed out loud at this comment. Even if it is anonymous.

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