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Ok, so I’ve become kind of a podcast junkie. I subscribe to several. I listen to them while I drive- almost exclusively now. Most are long so I have to listen to them in 15 minute intervals… but I kinda like it. I listen to one that’s basically the audio of ABC news nightline. Like watching the news without the pictures. Kinda wierd. Kinda cool. I wish my church did one so I could listen to the messages too.

Anyway, I subscribe to some that are silly, some from my friends, some from preachers, and one from Relevant Magazine. Which is fast becoming my favorite. It’s professional and spontaneous too. This last one I really enjoyed. It has a great conversation among friends thinking/debating the issue of how much financial success is it ok to enjoy as a Christian. Very interesting. I really enjoyed being a fly on the wall in the discussion… though I think it missed a huge piece of the puzzle by not discussing how the way I live and the choices I make with my own money affects the poor and hungry around the world. I really wrestle with that a lot myself. But it was great stuff anyway. I think it’s worth playing in a small group or with some friends to provoke a quality discussion and react/respond to it while looking at some key passages from the Bible.

So, if you want a great listen download the Relevant Magazine Podcast episode dated 5.19.06 off of itunes and give it a listen while you drive.

One more thing… one of the guys in the podcast team (Tyler) won a karoke contest by singing a Johnny Cash song at a local bar where a radio station was hosting the competition. It’s really funny. Plus, if you enjoy Karoke… they’re challenging others to a duel. I laughed. Perhaps you will too.

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