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I’ve spent the last 2 days in planning meetings and prepartion for a thing we host each summer with some other churches called OGN.  This is the second time we’ve hosted the meeting at the Dana in Mission Bay.  Dang is this place pretty.  Makes you feel bad for being inside at all and guilty for living in San Diego.  I mean some of the people in these meetings live in Fresno.  Seriously.  Fresno.

Here’s why Fresno house prices are $5 a square foot and SD’s are $500.  I actually went the wrong way out of the Dana on our way to dinner tonight solely to snap this pic of an AMAZING sunset.  Man if I lived on the beach I’d set a date with God every sunset and watch him paint.  Simply incredible and a beauty beyond words.

Oh… and just to prove we’re actually working and not just watching the sunset, here’s the plan we’ve come up with for the teaching we’ll be doing in the classes at OGN this year.  Yep, those are brain storm sticky notes on a window with a bay view.  I know, it’s a tough life we’re living, but someone’s gotta use this conference room, so it might as well be us.

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