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Our friends the Hammonds had a wood fence to burn, so they said, “Hey, wanna go have a bonfire on Coronado?”  We said, “Sounds good”. 

So we played in the water on a BEAUTIFUL night in Coronado, ate dinner, watched the sun go down while God painted the sky and polished it off with a bonfire and smores.  The whole time I kept thinking the same thing I always do on nights like this… “Man, I can’t believe God lets me live here”.    The coast can be so beautiful.  Add that to some great weather, great friends, and a lightly clouded Sunset and you have the perfect mixture for an “Pinch me so I know I’m not dreaming moment”.

I posted a bunch of pics on facebook, but here’s some for a taste.  I haven’t done a collage in a while.  So here’s two quick ones.  Click them to get a bigger view.

One of the people:

And one of the beautiful surroundings: 


  1. Brian – did you edit these photos to enhance the colors . . . or is this what God let you see that day!! Absolutely gorgeous! We do live in a beautiful city and I regret I don’t take the time to really appreciate it! Thanks for letting us experience beauty through your incredible gift of using the camera lens!

  2. some cropping and stuff, but no color enhancement. that’s what my camera simply saw. God is good.

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