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I have come to enjoy photoshop from time to time.  I don’t retouch many photos cuz it takes me a while and the truth is, I’m sure there’s an easier way and some cool plug in to do it correctly in photoshop that I don’t know about, but I still do it occasionally.

The last time was Friday after a day at the Zoo with our family and the Taylors- friends from Nor. Cal. that date all the way back to high school.  It was great to share some stories, some time, and get caught on life again.  I posted a bunch of pics on facebook, the last of which was titled, “I changed 3 pieces of this photo, can you find them.” 

So here’s the original 3.

I stole Becky’s face from the first one.
I removed the stow-a-way daughter we got from the second one.
I added the sign from the third one.

Here’s the meshing of them into one final product. 


  1. So how do you do that?

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