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I don’t think you should own a really fast car if you don’t drive it really fast.  REALLY fast….  Like if you own a ferrari and you just take it to the grocery store nice and slow lookin’ for looks… you’re are a poser!  At least park it like this kid does:

and for what it’s worth…. if you have a stupid fast car and you’d like me to take it somewhere and drive it REALLY fast, I’d be happy to oblige you and have done so with a ’65 shelby GT 500, a really fast Jaguar, a BMW 700i, and a Dodge Viper.  The Shelby was the best.

I also don’t think you should own a truck if all you do is carpet the bed of it and go get 2 liter bottles of soda with it.  A truck should be used to haul stuff.  Dirty stuff.  Stuff you don’t want in your car.  Big Stuff.  Stuff you can’t fit in your trunk.


Ok…  that said.  I think I have committed a similar sin however with my computer.  I have Photoshop and Illustrator CS3 and I use them weekly, if not daily in ministry.   But I intuitively know that I’m a poser.  It can do amazing things…. and I use it to tweak stuff.  I wish I was done with seminary so I could go take a class on these programs at the community college.  Truth is,  I use them to do wimpy stuff that I could have done in keynote or something.

So, last Sunday we needed a slide for a stressful game of “hot potato”.   I searched the web, hoping to cheat and find one someone else made and borrow it.  Well, instead I found this lovely photoshop tutorial website that showed me exactly how, step by step, to set my own choice of words on FIRE.


5 minutes later I had turned this slide I made with a lovely kid drawing of a potato on fire that I found:

Into this:

I think I might have actually taken my Ferrari for it’s first real test drive this weekend!

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