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If you thought the largest evacuation in california history was bad with close to a million people evacuated and some 2000+ homes lost, then try pondering 900,000 people displaced last wed. in Mexico due to flooding where no one has a home that will be inhabitable and mold will win the day.

On Thursday I’m leading a team of volunteers to go do fire clean up in North County. Man, it’s a small world we live in and tragedy doesn’t seem to care what your political, social, financial, or theological position might be…. we all suffer. We all need hope in something outside of this crazy rotating celestial ball.


  1. Hey Bri,
    We saw your MIL today and she told us about your blog.
    It’s been a while since we’ve seen you and shannon. Like maybe 3 kids ago! (ours that is)…
    you can see what we’ve been up to here
    Love ya guys!
    Amy & Luke Taylor

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