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Last night I was reading a story on the bed to my kids. Jake (being 3) lost interest and went into the next room. He then returned to the bed to lie down and listen to the story. I continued to read until I was interrupted by a cough and Jake crying that he needs to go to the doctor. I said why? He said cuz he ate his penny. Penny? Yes, penny… My kid left the story, found a nice Lincoln faced hunk of copper on his bedroom floor, and brilliantly put it in his mouth. Then he lied down and sent Lincoln packin’.

So, I called Kaiser. They said we get to sift his poop for 2 days in search of copper coinage. Oh what fun. We finally teach jake to go poop on the big boy potty and now I gotta go fishin in it for brown trout. I’m hoping that maybe I’ll find my starbucks card too. Maybe Jake ate it.


  1. that is very, very funny, brian. see if you can find my house key also.

  2. how sad for Jake! How sad for you and Shannon too. I hope he feels better soon!

  3. You know, one time my brother swallowed a watch battery and my parents had to do the same.

    Just wanted to give you that image of people sifting through Dave’s poo.

  4. one time i ate the back of a gold earing…my mom said i should look through my poo for it. so i did. she never told me she was joking. it was kinda fun. is that wierd?

  5. That’s funny but also very gross. I feel sorry for you because you have to sift through his poop.

    Dude I miss you so much. I wanna come down to San Diego but my car might explode if I try. Hope everything is going good down there. Talk to you later

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