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The Berrytribe Christmas ’09 represented close to the last annual “first” for our family of 7. We’re coming up fast on the one year anniversary of bringing Becky & Billy home, and this gave us the chance for our “first christmas” with them. Everything was new: tree decorating, our traditions, presents, lighted homes in our community, everything.

But perhaps one of our deepest ponderings of the season is that many of Becky and Billy’s peers in the orphanage have now “moved on” and are essentially now in the Ugandan foster care system of sorts- and will be there permanently until adulthood. It is humbling to realize that they would have been there too had God not plucked them out and placed them in our home last February. This is both a great privilege and responsibility for us.

Here’s some pics of our family:

One gift this year was lego rock band. Like all video games, I suck at it. But unlike all video games, this one virtually the whole family plays together. Shannon sings (here with TJ), some play guitars/bass, Jake plays the drums (sorta)…. look out world. Here comes the “Berrytribe Band”.

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