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There is a one to one ratio of blogging to stress in my life.

  • I have a paper topic due
  • a midterm this week
  • we’ve had family in town the past two weekends
  • I had a nasty cold for a week
  • my truck broke. then I fixed my truck.
  • I’m taking 50 high school students and leaders to magic mountain and snow summit this weekend. We have no bus. I’m back to carpools. I hate carpools. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone.
  • I leave for my first cruise with my wife in 10 days
  • I volunteered to serve at the National Pastors Conference last week so I could go for free to some of the general sessions I wanted to see (Eugene Peterson and Brian McLaren were both well worth it- My only regret was making the time to go hear one preacher who wung it- something that always amazes me in a national context- and it was a total flop from my perspective- he said that God wanted someone in the audience to hear what he had to say and then he wung it and eventually found his way back to saying what I’d heard him say in 2 national meetings already… makes me scratch my head and wonder how this guy keeps getting the job. I don’t get it. Write a hip new book or have a big church and Christians flock to you. It’s a weird subculture)
  • I’ve been working on family projects: I installed 4 recessed can lights in the ceiling of my downstairs playroom, a light in the closet, and painted my “office area” in the garage and installed a desk and some shelves I built.

So…. stress is high and bloggin is at a standstill. Gonna be that way for a while. I’ll post some pics of my ski/rollercoaster trip next week.

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