Husband. Dad to 5. Student Ministry Pastor. Follower of Jesus. Yatta yatta.


  • “one day” I want to be a full time youth pastor.
  • “one day” let’s get married.
  • “one day” we wanted to have a family.
  • “one day” we wanted to own a home.

Those are some of my “one day”s that are now in the past.

I used to say, “one day” I’d like to teach for Youth Specialties.

Well, guess what, that day is here. Enter YS ONE DAY.

I said I wasn’t going to post about it any more until I actually saw my face on the official website and today while at a network meeting of other youth pastors, I found out it was up. HA! I had no idea. But it’s up there alright. I’m part of a team that is teaching a “one day” seminar for youth specialties on teaching students the Bible. I’m pretty excited about this material and hoping lots of people are super encouraged and equipped to do minister to teens as a result of it.

I’m teaching in the following 5 locations in 2009:

If you’re around one of those areas and serve in any capacity with youth and the Bible, I think you’ll dig the material- so bring some friends and stop on by.

  • “one day” I think I’ll write a book. From the looks of the team’s bios- I better get on that soon 🙂

Oh.. and one funny note on the bios: they edited mine- which is totally within their right. I wrote it with a sentence of “accomplishments” which included teaching an occasional seminar for YS and the roles and writing I’m doing for another organization. I thought that was kinda funny that it was dropped. Maybe they thought it was a lame attempt at credibility. I dunno. I’m just a husband, dad and a youth pastor. Truth be told, I guess that should be enough.


  1. Isaac Parra says:

    Hey Brian,
    It’s too bad you aren’t doing the one up here in Sac. That’s the one we’re taking our staff too. I’m sure you’ll do an awesome job.

    Can’t wait for your book!!


  2. Congrats, Brian! That’s exciting! I know you’ve got many books in you… it’s just a matter of time. 🙂

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