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Last week I got a call from 2 former students telling me they were going to be in town and asked if we could get together. Well, I took that as a sign from God to barbeque on Labor Day. I said, “Sound the alarm and we’ll have an old school Powerhouse (my old youth group) reunion.”

So I called a few who called a few who called a few and eventually, my back yard was filled with no fewer than a dozen former students. 3 of which were former interns. One is married. Two have answered a call into full time vocational youth ministry. All are still striving to love Jesus as young adults with their own unique gifts, personalities, and passions. What a sweet time this was.

There are days when I feel like an utter failure as a youth pastor. Every once in a while, some long term fruit is sweet. Especially when you get bombarded with “studies” that show how many students evidently blow off any time/energy you pour into them and dump Jesus like a bad habit. Evidently youth ministry is broken. These dozen are a sucker punch to the gut of that idea. Maybe they’re the minority. But they’re out there.

Thank you for loving Jesus and for loving me and my family! All of you.


  1. Dude… I’m bummed… I wasn’t invited…. sad day!! Looks like you had fun! =)

  2. you have a standing invitation. come to my house anytime you want Katie!!

  3. Looks like good times!! (and a lot of Azusa folk…)

  4. Dude I am SO jealous. We should totally have a Powerhouse reunion and invite the clan. Sounds like a blast =)

  5. Thanks for the powerfully, positive and longlasting impact you had on my daughters Briana and Trisha. Curtis

  6. sara vossoughi says:

    yay i was hoping to see this picture! that was rad that everyone was able to come down for the BBQ! definitely good to see some old familiar faces! and thanks for having us over, it is always good seeing you!

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