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Hey Youth Ministry friends. I’m gonna be at the National Youth Workers Conference here in San Diego again this fall. YOU SHOULD JOIN ME. I’m super stoked to be able to go and to have a chance to teach some seminars and learn from some great thinkers whose seminars/main sessions I get to hear this year too.

Here’s a video to inspire you 🙂

Here’s the FYI on the 2 seminars I’ll be teaching if you wanna join me. The first one is new to me this year. Or maybe I should say the teaching of it in this format is since I’ve been dealing with the subject matter for quite some time now 🙂

“You Suck: Enduring, Learning From, and Responding to Your Critics” (Saturday, Oct. 2 – 8:00AM to 9:30AM )

  • Criticism is about as enjoyable and endurable as a root canal, but it might be just as critical to your long term ministry health too. (That’s probably why this seminar as at 8am. HA! ) Regardless, one of the essential skill sets of all leaders is the ability to learn from -and at times- even ignore the voice of critics. This seminar will examine some why we fear criticism, why we need it, and how to respond when it comes.

This second one is one I’ve done several times and it has gotten some great reviews and has even graduated into a the big ol’ 2 1/2 hour time slot. Anyway, I’ve had lots of people bump into me somewhere at some youth ministry gig and tell me they’re using the stuff from this seminar in their day to day ministry responsibilities. I even had a former student who is now a youth pastor in the Sacramento area ask me if he could have the notes to teach it to a group of youth pastors he leads in a network. It’s very practical and something I’m using in my ministry daily too. Super cool how this little life learning has been a blessing. Join me if you think it might be good for you too.

“The Big Picture: How to Develop a Coordinated, Year-long Calendar and Teaching Plan” (Saturday, Oct. 2 – 2:00PM to 4:30PM)

  • Ministry can be all about the tyranny of the urgent. When it is, the result is limited creativity, high stress, and usually low volunteer involvement due to the immediacy of the needs and short term demands. This seminar is all about changing that by helping you to develop a teaching and events calendar that lets you get ahead and get others involved. We’ll show you how to create a visual calendar that you can use to stay ahead, discuss ways to get group ownership, as well as talk about practical ways to make a calendar year that creates momentum instead of a constant drain on you, your ministry, and families.


  1. Great stuff Brian. We’ll miss San Diego . . . will you be coming South?

    Especially love to see the stuff from the critics seminar . . . Definitely an art to handling criticism.

    Thanks, and God Bless.

  2. If you mean, am I coming to Nashville… the answer is no. I was invited to teach in SD.. most of the seminars that aren’t “big name/ big draw” peeps are from the local areas to reduce costs.

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