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Well, we polished off 2008 with a night on the town for the second time in our post kids married life.

One set of Grandparents were still in town and they offered to take our kids for the night. They took them to jack in the box, then to ice skating in Alpine, and then home for a movie so they could stay up past midnight.

Shannon and I got all dressed up and went out to dinner with the Phillipsons at a super nice restaurant in La Jolla called “Georges”. The wine rack there is the largest I’ve ever seen. The grub was great. We all had the 4 course meal which let you pick a cold starter, a hot starter, a main dish, and a desert. Each of us chose different deserts to share and the waitress tolerated our ignorance on just about everything on the menu – proving that we all live on the other side of the tracks.

After we totally gorged ourselves, we rolled out of the restuarant and not wanting to beat our kids to bed, we found a movie that was starting at 10:40 and rolled into the theatre. We chose to see “Yes Man”. Yeah… “No Man” is what we should have said. We followed the nicest dinner in the world with the dumbest movie in the world. We are clowns and this movie was lame.

But, regardless, we had a great time. A fun final memory for all to cap of a life changing year for the Berrytribe.


  1. Brian, your Photo collages never cease to amaze me. Can you get me those pics? Of COURSE yours are way better than mine πŸ™‚

  2. That food looks delish. We had our new years celebration at 7:30 just before putting the kids to bed & then Jason & I fell asleep way before midnight..ha ha..we’re an exciting bunch..guess that’s what happens when you have little kids & not many baby sitters.

  3. yeah did you read the fact that this was the “2nd time in 11 years deal in my post”. even with baby sitters, new years is always a hard one to find time out for. welcome to joy of kids πŸ™‚ We got lucky with grandma and grandpa this time.

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