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For our Ugandan Adoption process, we need to turn in family updates with pictures a few times a year for the forseeable future.

So I was asked to have my first one done tonight. With a ton to do, I jumped on my mac and decided to try a product that comes with iwork.  I just got it recently because I needed keynote for the ys one day presentations and it came bundled with it.  But I have never used it before, so I was wondering how it’d go.  It’s called “pages” and yeah… Oh my…  Talk about simple!!!!

I just opened a new doc and picked a template (turned out to be the same one they have on their web page ad. )  I opened the page, skipped the tutorial, dropped in 5 pics directly from iphoto, changed the text in the blocks and whalla…. instant family newsletter. Took me 15 minutes and looks like I spent 15 hours. 

Oh I love my mac, and pages is the best!  Here’s a jpeg of my 15 minute project. 

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