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Welp, it’s a first. My name is on a billboard!

22 years ago I sat in neighborhood church as a freshman in high school and as a result of my family, the mentoring/teaching of Mark Teyler, the invite of my then girlfriend/now wife, and the Holy Spirit’s guidance- I dedicated my life to following Jesus.

So today, I drove to Nor Cal with my family to do Christmas with Shannon’s side of the family in our old stomping grounds and to teach at Neighborhood in the main service. I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say I wasn’t both super excited and scared to death. I have such great memories there and I really don’t want to drop the ball and screw that up.

I’ve taught in contexts like this lots before, but I still feel like returning home to teach at Neighborhood is somehow different. Maybe because I got married on this stage. Or maybe because after 14 years as a youth pastor, my name finally made it to the marquee. HAAAA!!!

If you’re in the area this Sunday, Dec. 30th… drop on by one of their two services and we’ll bond.


  1. So bummed that we won’t be there, but we are still excited for you nonetheless. This is a pretty awesome opportunity – though I’m sure this is just the beginning of ‘big opportunities’ for you! Love, Brad

  2. dude, very fun. but i’m not sure a church sign counts as a “billboard”! šŸ™‚

  3. you’d say it was a billboard if you saw it. It’s like a hundred feet long. It’s definitely a billboard šŸ™‚

  4. I felt this way when I taught at Powerhouse! I’m going to be givin’ em heaven up here in Benicia, otherwise I’d be there.

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