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A few weeks ago TJ won an award for Student of the Year at his school and landed himself a $50 cash prize. He was nominated by the 5th grade teachers and the principal at his school to win the award. It was sponsored by the local Masons Lodge who pass out this honor to one kid from every school in the county. So last week, on back to school night, we swung by the Masons Lodge to watch some old dude dressed up all weird hand TJ a certificate and $50. TJ was so shocked and so surprised. We then cruised over to catch the end of back to school night at their elementary school. TJ got to show his award to the principal who was so excited for him.

Yesterday, TJ and I went to the bank cuz he decided that he wanted to open up his first savings account with the money. So, his first $50 is now in the bank. We’ll see how long it stays there or what gets added to it in the weeks/months to come.

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