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I tried to get up really early to spend some quiet moments with God before heading to church this morning for 3 services at Easter. But I didn’t manage to do that.  Instead I got up, made some coffee, woke up tyler, and headed to serve and attend together.

After a great sunday morning I came home and we gathered everyone and headed to grandma and papa’s for Easter egg hunting and dinner.   As we drove in, we passed this little pond by their house and I noticed the pond lilies were in full bloom.  I knew I wanted to grab my camera and go on a photo walk to just be quiet and enjoy the nature around me.  So after the egg huntage and before dinner, I snuck away alone for a half hour or so.
God is crazy creative, Easter is a crazy story, and my life is blessed in crazy ways because of it.  So nice to find a few moments of rest and connection with Jesus this day.  Here’s the beauty I found around me.  Hope you find as much peace and amazement in them as I did. 

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