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encourage your soul and be #4 on the itunes album chart list. Be the Remedy!!!


… be the number seven download on i-tunes on the same day as the above and be very cool sounding, but be Godless in it’s lyrical content. If you work with students, they know this song, like this song, dance to this song, and will turn this song up on the radio. In fact, when I visited a girl in the hospital, it was on the TV in the bed next door today. The groove is that cool. The lyrics are not as bad as almost anything by 50 cent, but they’re godless for sure. See for yourself.

The music video makes me think they might think they are being satirical. I asked my high school men’s group what they think a few weeks ago. They are split a little. Some say it is, some say it’s not. I think it’s cuz some really like the band. I do too. However, I think, it’s too cool and too vague to be truly satire.

here.. see the video for yourself.

what do you think… can music as satire work if it’s this vague? Is it satire?


  1. I think music can work as satire…however in this context the base meaning of these lyrics have a core issue with them about how someone views life. if used as satire the end result meaning has to be one that points people to a better/healthier way of living

  2. 1. i think the song is satire.

    2. i love david crowder, and i bought the new album @ 12:20A, the night it came out….but to me this new album sounds like a 2001 NYWC event. I wanted to love it…i don’t.

    3. we need to get together sometime in the new future.

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