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… but definitely the best I’ve ever been in, was last week in Austin, Texas.

I went there to teach my final weekend of the YS One Day team this year. But before I arrived I searched facebook for those who where around Austin and found a former student and friend of mine, Nathan, who lives in the area. So I said, hey… let’s meet for java somewhere.

He said, “I know the perfect place. It’s called mozart’s.” And after I spent 6 hours there last Friday writing, reading, and enjoying friendship… I now proclaim it is AMAZING!!!!

Here’s what makes it the best…. I tripple dog dare you to tell me where else you can get all of this:

  • free internet
  • 2 levels of ample seating everywhere, both inside and out, with massive quantities of places to plug in your laptop- even on the outdoor deck!
  • water front views with natural shade provided by giant oak trees.
  • roast their own coffee on site from raw beans
  • brewed coffee is bottomless. Buy it once, you’re good all day, no refill fee!
  • nice espresso drinks by people who know what they are doing.
  • the staff is genuinely nice and loves what they are about.
  • java and pastries are served on real dishes if you’re staying on site- and who wouldn’t?
  • custom baked and nicely prepared pastries and desserts that look awesome.
  • serves a small selection of local ice cream, java shakes, and gelato.
  • a fridge that has non-java drinks, and custom italian sodas for those who are java free.
  • a nice selection of teas
  • small sharing library of books you can read.
  • live local music on many nights, especially the weekends
  • open til midnight, Friday and Saturday til 1am!

If Mozart’s was in my community, I would officially never be in the office and would just carve my name in a table and set up office hours there. If I was single, I’d just sleep in my car and shower in the river.

One day, if Jesus let’s me, I’m gonna open a place just like this… only difference will be these additions…

  • I’ll add a “mom” room where you can drink and your kids can play.
  • I’ll have some seminar rooms where we’ll teach basic classes in both Christian life and beliefs as well as practical living like music, writing, computers, and photography and stuff- some will have a small fee, some will be free- you can sign up online.
  • It’ll be “closed” on Sundays from 8 to noon, cuz that’s when we’re gonna turn it into church. You can come and enjoy community with java, sing some songs, and some interactive teaching around tables all over the place.


  1. Hey…I think I’ve heard about that coffee shop church somewhere before. 🙂

  2. Awesome! 🙂

  3. I’ll be your first member! I’d be happy to contribute by leading some kind of discussion on technology & fixing single moms’ computers for free.

  4. sounds like God has given you a vision….what are you waiting for??????

    Only, I wish is was in NorCal so I could come to your coffee house/church/concert hall/school.

  5. my wife’s first comment is in light of the fact that before we moved from nor cal to so cal, I considered planting a church with some friends in Lincoln and this was my vision. But it didn’t happen. Maybe someday God will say yes. Until then… I do what I do and dream a little 🙂

  6. hmmmm, will have to go try that out seeins how we’re a mere 40 minutes away… ;o) sorry, that was mean. mwahahaahaaa.

    thanks to your sweet shannon for answering my myriad questions…and she’s still going strong.

  7. Let me know when you open . . . I’ll be one of your first patrons. Sounds like a GRAND idea!!!

  8. Love it, coffee shop community church, java & life. Dream on, then sign me up! What a great opportunity to be Jesus’ hands and feet in our local community, with arms that outreach to the lost, hurting, poor, and victims of injustice in our own backyard and globally.

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