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In order to adopt 2 kids, we all have had to go to the doctor for a physical: the whole family. I’m guessing they’ll ask for one for the dog soon.

Anyway, in case you were wondering (which I’m really hoping you were not), the craziest part of this deal was the manhood check. We have all boys at this point, so Shannon told me I have to assume doctor visit roles post age 10. If this is too much information: just stop reading.

If not, comedy shall commence now.

  • Tyler and Jake:
  • Motto: can we do a naked dance?
  • They could care less if the doctor wants too see their pee pee. They are not sure why she would want to do that and find it kinda funny. Jake probably just wonders if he can shake it all around for her too.
  • TJ:
  • Motto: get me a man doctor next time.
  • Middle school has hit in full force. You remember the days. Yeah, um he was not happy about the doctors need to examine him so thoroughly. My wife says I have to take him next time.
  • Brian:
  • Motto: ugly doctors are the best.
  • I am in the office when she says, “oh yeah, I have to check for a hernia”. I stand up and surprisingly, drop my drawers with very little hesitation in an uncomfortably close proximity to a lady I’ve never met while she says, “cough please.” I must be getting old. I really hope this doctor doesn’t come to Journey and they say, “hey, haven’t I seen you somewhere before?”. To which I will say, “Yes you have, and more of me than either of us should admit for total strangers.”

Conclusion: doctor visits are weird and modesty in men is evidently something you are not born with, learn during puberty, then lose again somewhere south of 30. I think mine went out the door with my college roommates who would not let you even use the can in private.


  1. starting nursing school has been a nice wake up call to all of this manhood…well and womenhood stuff too. It’s weird for us too is all I’m saying. Hopefully it will get not as weird but I constantly thankful for the unattractive patient 🙂

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