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Evidently the best commercials are not during the super bowl, they are during March Madness.  I saw this Sonic commercial during lunch today with Jake and almost spit my lunch out.  I can honestly say the last statement of the guy in the passenger seat might actually be quoting me.

Forget the dad to 5 kids who have all dropped all kinds of stuff on the floor and eaten it factor… as a youth pastor alone, I’ve eaten, or had kids eat, stuff we don’t even walk to talk. Here’s my quick list of 80’s games we played and one from last September too:

  • spam anything
  • live goldfish
  • crickets
  • scorpion suckers
  • a gallon of milk that never stays down
  • chewed up food from someone else
  • blenders of way too many ingredients to list
  • hot sauce concoctions 
  • various foreign foods
  • cat and dog food
ok.. that’s enough…. but eating a popcorn chicken that’s been on the roof for 3 seconds.  Done. Wouldn’t even blink an eye.  

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