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Hey blog readers!

Today is WORLD WATER DAY.  Let’s truly make the overflow start flowing!

SO, I NEED YOUR HELP.   Myself and 100+ other bloggers from around the world are joining hands to raise $10,000 to make the world a cleaner and brighter place.  How?  By each of us raising $100.  To do this, I’m giving $20 to the adventure project today to do my part. Then I’m asking at least 9 of you to join me.

There are thousands of places to invest in world water day today.  Here’s why I’m asking you to join this organization.

#1. I am like 2 degrees removed from their cofounder and I have lots of friends that know her personally.  I can vouch that this organization is legit in what they promise.  You can read about their vision here.  You can check out cofounder Jody Landers’ personal blog here if you want.

#2. I love what their doing and how they’re trying to truly fix the situation.  They aren’t digging new wells, they’re TRAINING AND EMPLOYING LOCAL indigenous men and women in India to FIX DEAD wells!  Read the details below:

1/3 of all wells built in the last 20 years are BROKEN due to faulty hand pumps.

Over 4,000 children die every day from lack of clean drinking water and mine just runs happily down my sink, very very clean I might add. 

When you help adventure project, they help the locals repair broken wells. The well mechanics business in North India trains and equips men AND WOMEN to repair their region’s water wells. Instead of drilling more wells, we’re using our charitable gifts for something revolutionary – to train and employ handpump mechanics. The mechanics earn an income, bringing themselves out of poverty, and they save lives – turning water back on for thousands of people each year.  This is HUGE ground breaking opportunity for us to partner with them.

LETS DO THIS THING!  This blog gets about 100 readers a day.  Surely 9 of us can do this. Just say so in the comments and then give them your $20. 

Write in the comments, “I’m in” and then GO HERE NOW AND click the DONATE button anywhere on the page and GIVE YOUR $20.


  1. I’m in.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We’re in.

    Dad and Mom

  3. I’m in!

  4. thanks crew! I think one on facebook, me, and the 4 of you means we did it. I clearly can’t add though. I said I needed to raise $100 and then I wrote in that I needed 10 of us at $20. whoops. Oh well… I’ll take 5 at $20 instead. Clearly my bloggin’ pull is pretty small these days 🙂 thanks for helping. I’m sure there are kids in India that will be so dang glad you did.

  5. I’m late to the party, but I’m in too! Thanks for the chance to give. Stoked to see you in a couple days, man! Love you.

  6. score. thanks Max! I say late to the party or not, it’s still a party. Thanks for diving in. See you soon.

  7. Great job Brian. Thanks for using your voice for this.

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