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Today was our final fund raiser for Uganda. Our team had a silent auction outside where people bought $2300 worth of donated goods and services. That was pretty cool. We’re almost done now.

My kids however have been bugging me for months to do a lemonade sale at journey to raise money. I think they are sick of helping me recycle cans. Anyway- so as not to bombard our congregation with this trip and fundraising, I told them we could not do it until auction sunday. Every weekend they asked me, “Is this the weekend Dad?” Finally, this weekend I said yes.

So yesterday I helped them buy the supplies for lemonade and build a table out of 2×2’s and cardboard. Then all by themselves they painted it yesterday and made the lemonade and sold it today. It made the “silent” auction not so silent listening to TJ repeat, “Lemonade for Uganda” really loud about a thousand times, but it all paid off.

They felt like they got to do something and they made $441 for their efforts towards Uganda.

Pretty sweet. “3 cheers for the browthewrs” as Jake would say.


  1. Awesome! Way to go!!! That’s quite an accomplishment. 🙂

  2. I miss your children!! Tell them I said “great job, you’re amazing”
    Cass (it’s me, cass “raby”)

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