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I’ve been attending the leadership summit from Willow Creek via satellite for 8 years in a row now I think.  It always moves me to tears.  It always inspires me.  It always challenges me.  It always has waaaaay more information than I can assimilate effectively into my life in the 360ish days in between.    This year was no different in that regard.

Great content. Great challenges.  Great stories of men and women around the world doing great things for God. Great hope in me that I might be that kind of Kingdom leader.

So in an effort to not merely attend another seminar, I’ve developed a habit over the years of taking extensive notes and then trying to weed through those notes and speakers to hear the one or two things that God might be saying to me (usually coming through as a theme through multiple voices).

So, this year, I was reminded of several things I wanted to re-up and commit myself to again and then two that I want to try to implement. Here they are:


  • SELF-AWARENESS AND SELF-DISCIPLINE:  both are mandatory for good leadership.  Self-awareness is my personal “one word” definition of maturity.  In order to increase it, I need to make intentional time for self-evaluation, submit my life to the discernment of the Holy Spirit, and invite trusted friends to offer honest observations.  I am the hardest person I will ever lead. Self discipline and Self awareness are two inseparable character traits to all great leaders.  I re-uped my commitment to pursuing both.
  • DO SOMETHING…. something small is fine.  But do something.  All big challenges are overcome by people who do something- maybe not the biggest thing, but small things that make a big difference.  I know this.  I agree with this.  But I re-uped my commitment to being an activist for Jesus- a doer of my faith, one step at a time.
  • LEADERS ARE READERS…  I need to continue to up my commitment to reading good, challenging, life altering material.  Biblical, christian, and counter faith readings.  I want to read that which strengthens my current beliefs and that which stretches me into new paradigms I might never have pondered otherwise. 
  • LEADERS SEE FAILURE DIFFERENTLY…  places that fear failure will never be the trail blazers of success.  I yearn to be that kind of leader.  I re-uped my commitment to accept failure as part of my leadership process and to re-defining it in my own life, family, and ministry. 
  • EARN THE RIGHT TO BE HEARD:  good leaders don’t demand leadership from position, they earn it through integrity, example, and experience.  I re-uped my commitment to personally demanding that my life speak louder than my mouth. 


  • OPEN SHARE MINISTRY:  I want to work hard this year to earn not just unity, but collaboration.  I don’t want merely understanding or compliance towards a common goal in our ministry, I want ownership and investment.  I’m going to work extensively and creatively to try and increase the points where students and staff have a voice into our ministry.  I’m going to add sermon prep ideas to our weekly production meeting, seek insights from leaders more regularly, and strive to open new ways for students, parents, volunteers, and staff to invest in our ministry.
  • RELATIONSHIPS. RELATIONSHIPS.  RELATIONSHIPS.   The last 3 months of my life, I have noticed an increase in my prayer life and and increase in my notice and awareness towards students and even my family’s needs based on conversations I have had with them.  I’ve been to lunches, stayed late after youth group, made intentional conversations in “normal” meetings or meals, and been more purposeful about using facebook, texting, e-mail, face to face meetings, and even old fashion note sending to maintain and advance relationships.  I’m praying that this year is a watershed year for me and a marked increase in the depth and influence of my relationships with students and even my family.  


  1. great paraphrasing of POA!

  2. Points Of Action? No idea what POA is, but glad I paraphrased them well… I think.

  3. April King says:

    I really enjoyed reading some of the things that were underscored for you
    during the leadership summit-good things! You encourage me to sit down and go through my notes and process for myself; I haven’t done that yet.
    Thanks, Brian!

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