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Well, my wife got a bug in her side over the past few weeks that said we needed to redo the downstairs bathroom. So, we did most of it on Saturday and finished the final touches on Sunday night.

It’s a half bath and we had no time or money to redo the whole thing, so instead we changed the light, the faucet, the door and hardware, the paint, and a few accessories. I also have a volunteer in my high school program who has a brother-in-law that owns a molding shop and they gave me crown for the ceiling, new trim for my door, and the mouldings for the mirror- all free I tell you!!! Anyway, we used some of it to turn an existing wall mirror into a mirror that looks like we paid hundreds of dollars to have it framed and custom cut. Really it’s just the old mirror with a frame slapped on it- my wife’s idea.

Looks pretty good I must say- especially for a place you and your guests are supposed to crap in.

Here’s the before (as we saw it with the previous owners) and after:

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