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Day 2 of the cousins visit was riding bikes and then headed to La Jolla for a trip to check out the sea lions and the tidepools. It was so awesome. I love watching kids go crazy with wonder. They love putting their fingers in the sea anemone and having them close up. We had some fun finding hermit crabs too. It was low tide, so there was lots and lots to look at. The sunset alone was worth the trip.

Today, I’ve been trying to teach my sister how to do a photo collage. We downloaded a free trial version of Photoshop Elements. I was super impressed. It did lots of what I do with photoshop and it was way more affordable for her. It was fun to help her learn to collage her photos so she can share them with friends and family via their blog. Next month they are headed to serve in Uganda for a 2 year stint working with an missions/engineering firm called EMI, so teaching her how to share her photos is a win-win for everyone. Myself included.

Here’s my sister’s first creation with my tutoring- but a mutual accomplishment none-the-less.


  1. Merry Christmas to you!!! I got Photoshop for Christmas so… now can I have my crash course? Sounds like the Mullikins are coming next weekend so we are just waiting for you!!! No money to do projects so we’ll just have to hang out!! Hugs to all!! Love ya.

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