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Tyler and I went today to a field trip to the beach with his kindergarten class. He ran around finding every innocent sea anemone he could and stuck his finger in them until they closed up on his finger. He hunted for crawling things and we found tons of hermit crabs and the like. He loves picking then all up. When we go to Sea World- it’s Tyler who we can’t keep away from the sting rays in the pool where you can see and touch them. He’ll probably be a marine biologist someday. It was great fun.

My only complaint on the day: Mom thong. Yep, you read that right. Mom thong. The last two events I’ve been on with my children, I’m minding my own business, hangin’ out with my kids when my field of view is interrupted by some mom who is either sitting or bending over and decides something else should be hangin’ out. Namely her butt and and combination of string and triangles. Today, I’m watching Tyler and 5 kids bent over a tidepool. A mom comes over and bends down to look too. Then, my field of view gets interrupted by mom thong. (it took all the restraint in me not to take a photo to post as proof) So please. Please. For the love all things holy… ladies of all ages and sizes and whatever else- buy a belt, bigger pants, bigger underwear, suspenders, or just use good ol fashion duct tape. Your crack is not needed.


  1. this is a riot, brian. i hear ya. hope you protected my little boy from the wrath of the thong, there on the beach.

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