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Well, our church is embarking on a new Journey. Yep.. we use that word a lot around here… at Journey Community Church. You can decide for yourself if that’s cool or cheezzy. Regardless, we are going through the church’s first real building project called JOURNEY UP.

Basically, we need to raise a grip of money in not too much time because we’ve all but been given an eviction notice. The land owners we rent from are, for the first time in the history of our church, not only willing to sell the shopping center to us- but committed to selling it. Good news is they turned down a few other offers for more money from those who would likely bulldose the place for apartments/condos. Bad news is we have to come up with the down payment by the end of May or we could be out on our keester in the coming years.

Anyway… the church made an announcement a couple weeks ago in the weekend and has a mailer going out soon and is passing out this huge packet this weekend and then the series of weekends that coordinate with the Journey Up start the last weekend of April and go 5 weekends to the end of May.

Here’s a video they made to explain where we are at as a church and what’s coming up. I, along with the other pastors on our support team, have like a 15 second slot… I look balding and old! 35- here I am.


  • if you’re the praying type- now is a good time to pray it up.
  • if you’re the giving type- now is a good time to give it up so we can keep doing Kingdom work here on this hill.

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