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Jake is a crazy kid. He has more energy and zeal for life than like 12 kids and he also has made a huge sacrifice in the last 6 months. When we adopted two younger siblings, Jake had to give up his proud status as the youngest brother. This has meant that Dad time and Jake’s needs are a little higher these days so, I made sure to swing by his 1st grade field trip to Sea World today.

I couldn’t be there all day, but I made it for about an hour…. long enough to catch some pics and see the bat rays, the moray eels, the sea stars, the turtles, and the aquarium with Jake before they headed to lunch.

So here’s some pictures of a crazy hour with a crazy kid….

Oh, and yes… I did take time to stop and smell the roses as we walked too. I half think just looking at the plants in theme parks and the zoo and stuff are worth the entry fee all by themselves.

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