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There was a day when the world watered itself. God made the plants and then sent a mist and a river and stuff to water it and humanity just enjoyed creation in the presence of God. Seriously, you can read it in Genesis 2. Well, then sin entered the world and it screwed up a lot of stuff… including the whole self-watering world thing.

So, I have officially declared that if it were not for sin, we would not need irrigation, thus irrigation is sinful.

I stumbled upon this grand realization while fixing my sprinklers. We needed to finish up some yard work and well, the sprinklers needed to be moved and a couple more added. In the process of doing this, I discovered that whatever genius put this stuff in before me ran it through concrete so I had to chip the concrete away, little by little under my grass to get at the pipe. Then, once i finally got to it, it broke. So I had to chip more away, only now with the precision of a dentist. This is ridiculous. While my wife was watching me sweat and offering advice on sprinkler placement and development (she’s a pro you know), she said these words: “Everything we do seems like such work.” This was when I realized it… it was like an aha from heaven. Yeah.. it is work. In fact it’s a curse. It’s sin. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. I almost cast a demon out of my plastic water pipes right there on the spot.

Then yesterday, Shannon called me at work to notify me that while running through the sprinklers, my kids busted a big one. This too brought great joy to my ears and another hour of labor to my day to fix the stupid thing.

I hate the consequence of sin.. especially on the earth. I now find great joy in the realization that in heaven, there must not be sin, and therefore… there are no sprinklers. 3 cheers for big heavy ridiclously misty self watering places like Heaven.


  1. Awesome. We’re renting our first house and have all sorts of fun sprinkler issues too. I’m not too sharp at fixing that kind of stuff. So as of right now, half my yard gets the sprinklers and half gets me with the hose.

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