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I came home after seminary to be bum rushed by all my kids in the driveway. I heard them upstairs yelling, “Dad’s home. Dad’s home.” They then ran outside proclaiming, “the jars are here. the jars are here. Mom wouldn’t let us open them without you.”

What jars you ask? Well, last week in a moment of angst, I told my kids that I’d been thinking, and it was time I instituted a point system. “Help a family member.. earn a point. Act selfish and walk up the stars not taking your room mates coat up in your empty hands and it’ll cost you point”, I decreed from the stairs.

My wife overheard my banter and proclaimed, “I like it. Let’s do it.”

So, I went surfing the net for the perfect jar and poker chips for points.

We then spent a dinner last week talking about how these jars work, and they could hardly wait to get started. So here’s the plan:

GREEN CHIPS ARE FOR GOOD BEHAVIOR. We give them liberally for the following:

  • do your chores without us asking
  • keep your room clean.
  • say nice words. be an encourager.
  • get a good report from the sitter.
  • eat all your dinner
  • good grades
  • show selfless servanthood like Jesus himself. Bonus if you are dressed like Jesus.
  • etc.
BLACK CHIPS ARE FOR BAD BEHAVIOR. We give them sparingly for the following:
  • say mean things
  • don’t do what you are asked to do, when you are asked to do it.
  • do what you are asked to do, but do it so poorly you have to do it again.
  • act selfish and look out for only you
  • pitch a fit
  • refuse to kiss your dad
  • etc…

  • buy desert after dinner
  • get wii time on a school night
  • ice cream trips
  • stay up late and watch a movie on the weekend
  • spend the night at a friends
  • etc.
  • green chips can only be spent if there are no black chips in your jar.
  • black chips can be redeemed with 3 green chips.
  • you can never ask “can I do that for a green chip”, or you can do it for no chip or a black chip, your choice.
  • only mom and dad can award/redeem chips
  • how many green chips you get, how many chips something costs to buy, or how many black chips are passed out is the sole discretion of mom and dad.
There you go. We’re playin’ poker the Berrytribe way. Wish us luck!!!


  1. That is an awesome idea! I love it!

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