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I’m not a fan of fake stuff.  I don’t like fake Christmas trees.  I don’t like fake coffee.  Fake trucks- you know the ones that are lifted and go to the mall instead of the woods- lame!  Fake sugar is in everything- and it’s lame too.  Fake flowers.  Fake friendship. Fake faith.  They all are overrated and way too common.

This past monday we went to go see the shamu show at Sea World with our kids- it’s like church.  I can’t believe how bold they are about Christmas being about Jesus.  It’s always moving and fun.  Anyway, afterwards I had some coupons so I took the family to Chick-fil-A for dinner.  My kids sat down with mom and grandma and I started ordering for everyone. I always get kids meals for the little ones because they can turn their toy back in for free ice cream… which is awesome cuz we don’t need the trinket and I don’t have to buy ice cream!  Anyway, I forgot to ask what they wanted to drink so I made a dad decision and got them lemonade across the board.
When I gave Becky her lemonade, she took one sip and was amazed.  Her face got all weird and then happy and then she made everyone at our table drink it.  Seriously, she passed it around to everyone telling them to take a sip, that this was some serious lemonade.  I wasn’t sure what the deal was really, but she dug it.  Then half way through dinner, she asked if she could have a refill for her lemonade because she said, “I shared mine with everyone Dad.  Can I have some mo.”  I said sure, and she got up to get her refill. 
It wasn’t until the next day when I was at Rubios when I noticed this sign on the lemonade. 
Do you see that?  Go ahead and click the image and make it bigger.  MINUTE MADE LEMONADE CONTAINS 0% JUICE.  ZERO..  Yes, zero percentage of it is Juice.  There’s not one freaking lemon in the whole glass.
Amazing!  No wonder Becky was blown away.  At Chick-fil-A they make the lemonade with… GET THIS… Lemons!  Crazy I know.. but there’s lemons in their lemonade and Becky was floored. Best stuff she has ever tasted.  
It got me thinking, “what else in my world is both fake and normal?”
Where is my youth ministry just faking it?
Where is my marriage faking it?
Where is my family faking it?
What relationships do I have that are totally fake? 
What part of the man in the mirror is a poser? 
I’ve been burned bad by fakers.  I’ve been a faker.  I reminded myself that I hate faking it.  I want to have a 0% faker factor in my life.  I think I’m boycotting Minute Maid Lemonade and I’m going to be looking a lot closer at my OJ too.  
Fake stuff is overrated.  This Christmas, give the world a real gift– the gift of the authentic and real you!!! 


  1. Brian,
    The strawberries in my oatmeal are colored bits of apple. There are no real strawberries in the strawberry oatmeal. What is the world coming to?

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