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I’m 3 weeks into some new leaves I turned over in my own life and habits I am trying to change.

The result?   I’m convinced that the hardest leadership in the world is “self leadership”.

  • Anyone can blame others for a failure.  Owning up to insecurities and shortfalls requires another level of leadership.
  • Anyone can convince others to join a vision.  Making the personal sacrifices to own the vision yourself, that’s much harder.
  • Anyone can set personal goals.  Making the hard choices that are needed to keep them in check… yeah, that’s self leadership and that my friends, is anything but easy.
So, here’s how I’m finding I have to lead me.  And no, I’m not easy to lead.  I’m sure you already knew that, but I’m just smelling the coffee now. Took me almost 40 years to figure that one out.  I’m clearly a slow learner.

WRITE IT DOWN:  I have to clearly articulate what I’m trying to do.  When I don’t, I often forget what I’m really aiming for or change it as I go.  Even on the treadmill I’ll change the goal mid workout if I don’t tell myself before what the goal clearly is.

EVALUATE DAILY:  I have to look at my goals and assess my progress daily.  When I don’t do this, especially if I fell short, my failures quickly begin to snowball and then I want to quit again. 
DO OVERS:  I have to be generous with do overs.  I have to treat each day as a new day, granting myself the grace I would want to give to others.
ACCOUNTABILITY:  If I tell no one, I let myself off the hook easy.  Accountability keeps me from bailing on good goals because of a lack of self will.  

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