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I can now find you.

If you steal my backpack with my iphone in it. I can find you.

If you hijack my car, better hope I didn’t leave my phone in the glove box.

CHECK IT. THIS NOW MAKES MY IPHONE A PERSONAL FBI ITEM per apple’s latest software update announcement.

Find My iPhone and Remote Wipe. With the new Find My iPhone web app on you can locate your lost iPhone on a map and display a message on its screen to help someone return it. If you think you’ve misplaced your iPhone nearby, have it play a sound even when it is set to silent mode. And if your iPhone cannot be recovered, you can use Remote Wipe to permanently erase its data and protect your privacy.


Now, I just want to know if I can personalize the message that shows up on the screen if you jack it. Like maybe to say “I see you and if you don’t return this phone, the cops are gonna cuff you in 10… 9… 8… 7…..”

Or if I buy one for my kids in their teenage years, then can I track them and then send a message saying “you’re late” or for my daughter “I will always love you more than that schmuck who is dating you.” Oh the possibilities are endless. And my kids will hate me.

But until then. DON’T JACK WITH MY IPHONE.


  1. LOVE this! You are such a goof-ball. The scary thing is that I think you WOULD put messages on the kids’ phones! Does this mean I can always know where you are too?? 🙂

  2. kevin schlichter says:

    The wipe and locate are handy features, but I don’t see why you want to customize the message. Couldn’t you just send a text message that said those things?

  3. cuz it would be HUGE as the flash screen and so much funnier than just a text. 🙂

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