Husband. Dad to 5. Student Ministry Pastor. Follower of Jesus. Yatta yatta.


Well, I decided to try posting through my .mac account using i web for a while which came with my new computer. Why do I have a new computer you ask, well you can find out if you go here! From there you can see a video of my kid we made for youth group, some family pics, and some blog stuff. Only downside is that you can’t comment, but of the 3000 visitors or so this site has gotten, it’s only had like 15 comments, so I’m not thinkin that’s gonna matter much. But if you’d like to drop a note, just e-mail me through the contact me info on the berrtribeland link at the top of the page. Ok… well, I won’t shut this one down for a while cuz I might be back to blogger. We’ll have to see. If you want to subscribe to it. Just hit the RSS button. Blog on.

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