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If the usher gives you this at our church. DANGER!! Don’t drop it. Count it. 13 separate sheets of paper and 16 announcements in each of the 1500 programs we passed out this weekend.

That’s crazy. We’re giving the sunday times a run for it’s money. But, what do I know?… I’m just the youth guy. The bar has been set. I’m now going to try and beat them and put 14 in my student program this weekend.


  1. Hey Brian, Church bulletins are great aren’t they! One more good reason for my choice. Anyway, you give a lot to think about in your blog – thanks. YOur recent post on the certainty issue is an intersting one. I am teaching worldviews, and trying to convince my students that as Christians, operating under the truth of Jesus, we can make absolute claims and not feel bad about it. In fact, when we claim that the truth of religion is as true as the truth of science, we are on firm ground, theolgoically and historically. It is an incteresting “conveersation”.

    And, while I will resist your blog that painted in quite broad strokes about Christian schools, I will share that our school just this week had a student come to the school with a gun to attempt suicide, only to be thankfully stopped by the police. He was only slightly injured in the incident, and the school has already begun steps at restoration with him and his family. I think perhaps our school is different than a lot of Christian schools in that it is not directly tied to a church – i.e. not parochial. As such, we are free to be a school and not a church. It makes a huge difference, and I know that it is a worthy endeavor. And, while I can relate to your frustrations – believe me I can relate – I would advise you to be careful of painting with too broad a stroke.

    Of course, it is your blog and you are free to do whatever the heck you want.

    All the blessings of Christ be yours, my friend.


  2. Nick,

    Annoying as church bulletins are, not sure they’re valid reason for leaving a church and even if it made your list, I’m pretty sure it was at the bottom of it. But, I’m glad you enjoy the blog. I hope your students learn to be carry a balance between certainty, mystery, and humility in the process of working out their theology- through the facts.

    As for the Christian School blog. It was broad stroked. But the entry even admitted that. Not all churches, all doctors, all cops, all neighbors, all of anything is rarely true. Most absolute statements are by default wrong somewhere- certainly when they are experience based. However, my post was true to my experience. I’m really glad that yours has been different and I know lots and lots of friends who have made it through the christian school system (and in my opinion, some pretty jacked up churches) and have grown up to be adults who I admire and like. I’ll continue to both support and question the church and the organizations that claim to be Jesus’ followers as best I can and for His glory. God is big. Certainly bigger than my small head. Thanks for reading. Talk to you soon,


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