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Ok… I might be twelve because the mere thought of this post already has me laughing.

The reason I’ve titled it as such is because today I posted the following on my twitter feed: “ate a skittle I found on my office floor, & based on the methane that just left me- it was laced with poison. paint is peeling off my walls”

This resulted in a slew of comments.  Since it also posts on my facebook status, that generated some comments, and a few old friends directly texted me too.  Been a while since anything I said generated that kind of response.  Methane is powerful stuff evidently.

  • 1 or 2 people reprimanded me for my juvenile behavior. At least I think it was a reprimand.  I was laughing at all the other stuff too hard to decipher if they were serious or sarcastic. 

  • Several of my old ministry students and volunteers piped in from my first decade in ministry.  These comments caused me to laugh out loud.   I guess I am still 12. 

I’ve known you way too long and worked way too close to you to believe a skittle had anything to do with your gaseous stench!”

“I remember a little story of someone driving on a high school trip and locking the windows and letting one go…because his truck was full of girls who were chatting non stop.”

“Your butt is the only one I know that can send everyone in a ski boat diving for safety in the water.  No poison skittle can do that ha ha :)” 

Oh man.  Maybe one day I’ll grow up, but those memories are still super funny to me. 


  1. ok, nothing to do with being 12, although, knock yourself out…

    got a tour guide book via email today and it has been a tremendous help. thanks so much for putting it together. we appreciate it.

    ~the dodsons :o)

  2. I’m guessing you mean the book I put together for working with Welcome Home. If so, yahoo. I’m glad it’s helping. If you find changes that have occurred or if something is missing after you’ve been to Uganda and back, feel free to let me or mandy know and I’ll make the changes.

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