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Harbor Island Drive has sorta become my new favorite spot to steal some alone time.

A couple weeks ago, Shannon had to work and so she asked me if I could take her mom and Gary to the airport. It was a Tuesday and I had a midterm for my evangelism class that night. Add to it the fact that I was borderline burnt out on ministry from a crazy few months of seemingly non-stop church life and I decided to take my books and computer with me and spend the day out of the office studying in a different environment. So I dropped them off around 12:30pm and it was such an amazing day that I chose to just sit in my car on Harbor Island Drive near the airport. I rolled down all the windows, pushed the passenger seat all the way back, got out a deli sandwich I bought and some java and read, memorized (uh crammed), and studied for my test. One of the few times however that I could ever honestly say studying was actually refreshing. Here’s the view out my window that explains why.

Tonight my parents were set to come into SD airport around 8pm. However their flight was like 2 hours delayed. So rather than drive home after church to have to drive back again, I decided to go straight back to harbor island drive and read in my car. But the city lights were beautiful after our day of rain, so I jumped out and snapped a few pics before reading to the map light for an hour or so.

Next time I think I’m going here to run the boardwalk to seaport village and back.


  1. Dude, my wife and I just did a mini-vacation in San Diego last week and ended up on the same exact stretch of road! It’s an amazing view and an amazing feel right there. I wished I had brought my running stuff so I could do a morning or evening run down there. I ALMOST went and bought stuff so I could….but I didn’t.

  2. Mike, let me know the next time you’re down and I’ll take you up on that run.

  3. I heart harbor island, too. My favorite run is actually from shelter island, around harbor island, to Seaport Village and back. It’s beautiful, usually has a nice breeze and a TON of really different people that I don’t see in my day-to-day. Definitely do that one of these days.

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