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I just got back from seeing Mission Imposible III tonight with Shannon and her cousin who’s staying with us this weekend. It’s non-stop shooting and running and bad guys and plot and well…

…whenever I walk out of one of those movies I keep waiting for someone to try and jump me on the way to the car. I carry my keys between my fingers confidently as if I could kill an army bare handed with them if I needed to. Then I get in my car and try and drive home on lanes I make up while checking my rear view mirror to see if we’re being followed. I’ll probably wake up tonight in a cold sweat with a pistol in my hand and a bad guy dead at my childrens door step only to discover it’s the dog.

Now I’m going to go check my phone line to see if it’s tapped and erase my hard drive cuz all of this is being tracked by that new CIA head guy the Senate/House are all up in arms about. Surely I’m being watched- my blog gets hundreds of secret CIA hits a day. Don’t worry though- I’m ok. Jack Bower is on my side. I think all of Capital Hill must have seen this movie and a few too many seasons of 24 too.


  1. i can just imagine you doing flips and rolls out to the car in the parking lot. haha…

  2. Dude, I thought that I was the only one who went crazy over movies like this. You did a great job this morning. I love how you always find ways to use proprs in your teaching. It definitely helps people remember. You’re the man!

  3. Don’t worry. After I was Men in black, I was looking for aliens. ha! anyways…at least you’re prepared. 😀

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