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WARNING.. this post is about hour 5 of this season’s day 6 of 24. So, if you haven’t watched it and plan to… just skip it.

I have but 2 thoughts after tonight.

#1. Jack’s family feud was a random plot twist. I think the brady bunch would have been an even bigger hit if they showed them torturing one another with grocery bags over their sibling’s heads while tied to chairs with shoe laces to find out where Alice hid the cookies. At the very least, that should have made the movie remake. And the previews of next week at the end evidently show that the family feud is anything but over. Now Jack and Joseph have something in common. Evidently, both of their brothers sold them to foreigners to have them spend time in jail and expected them to be dead. I wonder if Jack will be as forgiving as Joseph or will he kill them like Curtis?

#2. Does the white house really have a fully operational “bunker” way down underground? Do they have big concrete garage doors that slam shut with high tech televisions and the ability to get satelites to take pictures for them and make their own oxygen with enough food and water to last till a nuclear fall out clears? I want to know if that part is true- or just some twisted plot.

#3. Ok I lied, I have a third thought: Here’s the cheesiest line/scene of the night:

  • “Jack, I thought you quit.”
  • (nuclear cloud in the background while jack is on the roof and just saved a helicopter pilot’s life who was not well enough to get out of the aircraft on his own, but well enough to climb off the roof to go find his family)
  • Jack responds: “No. Not after this. Send a car to come get me.”
We already knew Jack was coming back. At least it could have been more genuine. Last time we saw him he was morning the fact that he just shot his best friend to save a terrorist. Now he’s back in the game with one line. “No. Not after this”. Evidently the blast from the big bomb cleared his previously confused head too.


  1. I love that you love 24! I feel so alone at Simpson. no one I’ve met understands! whatever to them.
    LOL about the cheesy line thing. 24 can kinda do that.
    so much for character development.

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