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Well, after 20,000 miles in the air, 4 planes, 3 continents, 4 passports, 2 U.S. visas, months of planning, 32 days in route or in Uganda, too many hours to count of waiting in line, filling out legal documents, praying, anxious waiting and wondering we are finally and officially home safely in San Diego as a family of 7.

I have just finished sorting a 24″ pile of bills, tax documents, and stuff I need to follow up with down to about 6″ deep, but I felt the need to stop and update you on our progress before I try to go beat some of my jetlag via my pillow.

Here’s a few tidbits for you.

PICS: I have posted the best of my pics via facebook along this journey. I restricted access to the face shots of our kids until we got home. So, if you want some family pics, minus our arrival shots which I have not gotten yet because they were taken by the entourage of family that was there to greet us, I have now changed their status to be viewed by the general public. I probably won’t leave them up for forever, but if you want, you can find them


Jake, our youngest white boy:

  • “Dad, I thought that having a sister would be bad. But I like her.”
  • “Dad, will they ever turn white?”
  • “No Jake, they’ll always be brown.”
  • “Oh, Ok.”

TJ, our first born:

  • Dad, can we go to breakfast on Wednesday?”
  • Yes.”
  • Good. I miss breakfast with you.”

Tyler, the former middle son:

  • “Dad, you know what I missed most?… tickling.”


  • I think our kids think that our latest additions are part puppet, part new friend, part playmate, part brother and sister. They are constantly asking them to do new things, trying to hug and kiss them, and teach them anything and everything. It’s so fun and slightly corny. It’s like bringing home two new babies from the hospital to the house except that they can actually play and are potty trained upon arrival. I’m sure this will all go away in about 5 days and they’ll all be fighting for stuff. But don’t burst my pretty little bubble.
  • Our table does not hold 7 very easily.
  • 7 people go through a loaf of bread really fast.
  • My first 3 kids grew like weeds while I was gone.
  • We have sweet grandparents for our kids and an awesome set of supportive and risk taking family members to join us in this journey.
  • The internet is FAST in my house.
  • I don’t miss my TV. I am out of the news loop however.
  • I never left my pajamas today. It was like Christmas day at our house and every toy was brand new.
  • My adoptive kids have slept like babies in any bed I have put them in.
  • I think it is going to be just fine.

Should be a crazy week ahead, but I’ll try and post some pics and updates a few times this week. Thanks for praying with us in this crazy life changing process.


  1. thanks for sharing your journey with us. I have loved following along every minute. Can’t wait to watch the BerryTribe in the future.

  2. This is so awesome. Glad everyone is home safe and sound. I think your adventure is just beginning, not ending, right?

  3. love and miss you guys!

    See you soon!


  4. Welcome home! Glad that you are all safe & the kids are all doing well.

  5. Oh yeah, what jake said was so cute, “will they ever turn white”? Mabye he thought since white people get tan that brown people can get untan…ha ha.

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