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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. Here’s some of the random things in my head:

GAS TV: Who decided I needed to watch TV when I pump gas?

OIL SCHMOIL: Why can the oil industry post 14 billion in profits and this not be a social sin when people had to buy gas to go to work but can’t afford the milk they need at home? I’m sure there’s a reason why we don’t regulate this industry like we do natural gas/electricity- but I can’t figure out for the life of me what it is except ego and power.

FEAR MONGERING: Why is fear such a popular voting motive? I should probably give this a whole post- cuz I have HUGE concerns about how Christians interact with a secular society… but I don’t understand the ones who say I should vote Yes on 8 for fear that my kids might learn at my public school that there are people who think homosexuality is a lifestyle one can raise a family under. There are tons of things my kids learn at school I don’t support. But I also have not deligated their learning away. If it’s taught as THE way, then that’s a problem. But A way? Well, I’m not sure not teaching that is changing much these days. They learn condoms can protect pre-marital sex, abortion is ok, the absense of God, a view of religions I don’t agree with, and a bunch of other stuff. I took Tyler to a museum this week with his class where they subtly told him again that he has evolved from nothing… which all of my kids are taught at one stage or another in the public school realm. But I use it as a teaching moment, not a fear moment. I didn’t tell Tyler he can’t go to the museum because they’ll say he evolved from a soup of nothingness. Anyway- I don’t fear the society I live in, I want to influence it- which is why our kids are in the public school environment in the first place. Voting is one of many ways I can continue to spread my influence. But at the core, I want to engage this society and teach my kids and students to think about what America does or does not teach and learn to agree and disagree sensibly and Biblically. I don’t fear it. I don’t think Jesus did or does either.

HEY YOU: The guy in the mirror. Self-awareness seems to be a daily pursuit these days. I wish I was more of this and less of that and well, thank God he loves me, cuz I’m a distinct work in progress.

TEXTING: When did texting take over the world? This thing is virtually the only way I can track my student leaders down these days. For a few years I fought it. It seems now, I either use it or lose IT.

FACEBOOK: Facebook might be the best thing that has ever happened to some of my friendships. Maybe?


  1. Good comments on the fear mongering. There’s entirely too much of it. Burying our heads in the sand on certain things isn’t helpful and I don’t think it serves our kids well either.

  2. I found the “fear mongering” section incredibly interesting and decided to post it on myspace. I then realized I probably should have asked you first, but I really didn’t think you would care???
    I did reference you =) Hope that’s ok.

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